Three of my pandemic poems appear on Indolent Books' What Rough Beast poem-a-day series about our current world:

I interpret Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge..."

For First Parish Church, Lexington

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Image Journal, Issue 103 (includes audio)

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November 1968

Indolent Books

Transition Poem # 59: Poems in the Aftermath

Nothing Fatal 

How about a morsel of corona,
a slight hint, barely audible
above the vacuum cleaner,
a marvelous morsel not requiring
starvation or transportation
to the outer rings of Saturn—
nothing fatal, maybe 
like a yellow jacket 
when you’re not allergic,
a drop of stale virus
no longer strong enough
to bring a woman down,
just ambiance of ambulance,
enough to keep you in your house
swabbing the stairs, wiping 
knobs and handles with alcohol
as you tell yourself you’ll recover
like your friends, even though
his lung collapsed and she
became a talking wraith—
just a morsel for you now,
to render you immune.